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Family Owned & Operated Since 1968
The year was 1968, the times were volatile and Crystal Lake had registered a population of 8,314. Charles J Copley was a young laborer, lost, yet determined to build a future. After trying his hand at various trades, Charles found his rhythm in roofing. He worked for two or three different roofing contractors before deciding to go against the odds. In May of 1968, Charles J Copley with no encouragement bought a '52 Chevy 1/2 ton pick-up and hand painted the name Copley Brothers Roofing. Charles and his teenage brother, with the help of their sister and friends answering phones, were the core of the company.

As the opportunities grew, the company did as well. A small office was set up in his garage and a storage yard was developed behind his home. Chuck and about 4 employees stirred the business in the following years. Chris, Donna, and Keith were familiar faces through that time. Additions were built and employees hired but inevitably the business out grew the space. Charles with his wife, Renee, made way for a growing business.

The first big move landed Copley Roofing at a shared warehouse on Route 176. Shortly after, Mike Lesko joined the team and quickly became a staple. After only 9 years the business was ready for the next step.

Charles Copley Roofing, Inc. has since expanded to the present location,
4709 Route 176 in Crystal Lake. It was here, where the corporation developed into what it is today. Chuck welcomed his son Charles R Copley to the team and eventually (3) nephews as well as his youngest son and daughter.

Growth has yet to yield while Charles Copley Roofing, Inc. celebrates its 42nd Anniversary. The company's well established reputation, Chuck believes, should be credited to the people he has been surrounded with. Now the team has 20+ and each day brings out new ideas and exciting opportunities.
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